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.: Inferno Of Life

It is said that in times of great need the land creates itself a champion, a person to freely wield the magic within the land without restrictions. A wizard more powerful than any human can ever imagine.

Yet as the very danger that the land created its champion for starts to appear in the land, what happens when that champion has yet to emerge? When the very person that the land chose to defend it isn’t ready?

His skills still untrained and unknown, the champion is an unprepared youth lacking knowledge of life and the world. As an unknown force invades the land, killing everything in its path, the land’s champion is forced to fight to survive, while at the same time he must come to grips with the power and responsibility thrust upon him.

"It is said the earth creates a champion in its time of need to defend it. I believe my friend... You are that champion" Wizard Hiibury.

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Author: Des
Date: 2010-10-03 04:21:21

Good book, worth the read.